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Morrigan Trailer

Morrigan Kickstarter date is coming fast !

Help us to build our fame by sharing this trailer ! To arms, brothers !

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According to legend, trolls are creatures that often live underground or in caves. But their weakness for gold pushed them to lurk under bridges to find more and more of the precious metal.

The hide of trolls is rubbery, and usually either moss green or putrid gray.

Their giant arms allow them to throw huge rocks at some distance if they spot a good target.

When they’re not asleep, they collect tolls from travelers stupid enough to walk their bridge.

Tolls of gold… Or Blood !

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Official Morrigan Rulebook


Here is answer !

You can now download the official Morrigan rulebook.

It’s important to learn how to play correctly, so you should read this rulebook before playing if you’re new to the game.

Understanding the rules will help you make the best use of your cards and develop your own tactics to be one of the greatest knights of all time.


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Black Unicorn

As the scholars often discuss whether unicorns are or are not horses, so they could discuss whether Black Unicorns are or are not unicorns.

As its name states, this creature’s smooth hide is always pitch black, sometimes even darker than a raven – if that is possible indeed. Its breath is said to be poisonous, yet even if this is not true it seems that the smell is hardly bearable.

Its eyes have a distinct evil glow during the night and many also claimed that the Black Unicorns are able to kill a man just with a stare.

This particular feature along with the clawed fingers and some of its behavior (the way it stalks its victims, for instance) determined many scholars to declare the Black Unicorn as being actually a type of daemonic creature, though this claim is disputed even to this day on the Beltaine Realm.

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Website Rebuilding

Soon you’ll find here a lot of news on Dagda projects…

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